Your Body and Vitality

“Your body is woven from the Light of Heaven.” Rumi
Dear Ones,
the human body is such a gift we often take for granted. It’s a bridge helping us experience all the sumptuous beauty of our physical reality. All senses bringing so much richness, whether it’s your favourite song you can hear over and over, delightful fragrance of roses early in the morning or the sun on your skin. So much pleasure, so much joy of being alive and in the body. Many people try to fix their body from a place of fear of what will happen if they don’t do what is generally considered healthy, like exercise or a healthy diet. But the place you are coming from means everything. It colours your journey and also the results you are getting. So, this week start from love. Take your time and find a genuine appreciation for your body first. As always, the path of least resistance is the best path to take. Whatever is naturally easy for you to appreciate, start there. It might be your hair, your eyes, your voice or the steady beat of your heart…Engage all your senses. Connect completely to the fullness of the present moment. Gently expand your love until all your body is flooded with appreciation. Then stay there a little longer.  And know it won’t take too long for your body to return this call of love. Whenever you appreciate your body, it naturally becomes healthier and more beautiful from inside out. From a place of love you’ll also be able to hear its guidance about what would help you thrive.  You can trust this inner guidance as it’s specifically for you, for your very unique body, as no one outside of you can access this guidance so precisely. Through the path of love…Let it be your path today. And for evermore. 
I am looking forward to meditating with you.
Lots of love and Angels blessings,
Jana x x

Body and Vitality is this week’s meditation theme: Sat 6th May 11.30 am at Tree of Life  Centre in Hove and Tues 9th May at 2pm at River Clinic Lewes


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