Believe In Your Dreams

“What you seek is seeking you.” Rumi
Dear Ones, ​
Your dreams and desires are like a blueprint of your soul. So precious, uniquely yours, steadily whispering the true story of your heart.  Be gentle with yourself and don’t let yourself be discouraged if you haven’t found a way to manifest them yet. Your heart desires and dreams reveal the highest vision of your life and your Higher Self, Source and Angels are holding this vision with you, so it’s not just your doing. You are loved, supported and guided. Relax and allow your very unique path to unfold easily and effortlessly. Every time you think you need to push harder because something doesn’t seem to go as you expected, pause. If you keep pushing, you might just create more resistance within you and exhaust yourself unnecessary. Instead retreat like a tired caravan crossing a desert. Rejoice in whatever makes your thirsty soul happy again. Take your time and trust the divine timing of things coming to fruition. We are all so quick to get to the desired destination only to realise that there is always another and another. I know you’ve heard this many times before, but today take time to answer this question honestly, just for yourself: Are you enjoying the journey? This journey is your life. Know, that Source is guiding you around all your resistance created through any negative beliefs you might have, so it might not be the quickest path. But Source knows you actually came for the journey itself and like a great guide also knows what would please you the most.  So if you are not happy wherever you are right now, there is a high chance that you are missing something. There might be more beauty, humour and life around you than you allow yourself to experience. In the moment you reconnect to the delight of the Now, you are moving again. Towards your desires and dreams. The joy in your heart is an undeniable sign that you are on the right path. Now, enjoy the journey! 🙂
I am looking forward to meditating with you.
Lots of love and Angels blessings,
Jana x x

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