“Faith is loyalty to unseen reality” Neville Goddard

Dear Ones,

if there is something you would like to manifest in your life, have faith in it. Your intention, your vision is like a precious seed you put lovingly into the ground. If you were a good gardener you would have faith that the seed will grow, flourish and eventually bear fruit. In its own time. In perfect time. You would know your tasks perfectly. You would know exactly where they start and where they finish. You would know that you are only creating right conditions for the seed to grow. The seed knows how to grow, you don’t make it grow. In the unseen energy reality which precedes the manifested reality, your intention, your vision is like that seed. The ground is your own mind and faith, trust and love are fertilisers of that ground. Infinitely loving universal forces will do the rest, bringing your vision into full blossoming. Especially at the beginning your seed needs your loving care and attention. The adverse forces you want to avoid are worry, doubt and fear. Don’t let them get near it. Don’t let them eat the first wonderful leaves breaking through the soil. They are precious, they are signs that you are doing something right. You planted a seed and you had faith… Jana x x

Faith is this week’s meditation theme: Sat 8 July 11.30 am at Tree of Life  Centre in Hove and Tues 11 May at 2pm at River Clinic Lewes, Wednesday 12 July at 8 pm at Intrinsic Health Lewes

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