Abundance & Prosperity

Dear Ones,

outside appearances and manifestations are only reflections of an inner state. One of my great discoveries is, that you can leave and enter any inner state much easier than you have ever thought. It is simply because, you are not the state, you are an eternal being of light only moving through those states. So to start with, stop identify yourself with an inner state. In the moment you do that, you are already gaining your power and freedom back. If you are used to being in an inner state of not-enough, take a deep breath and leave that state now. Enter the state of abundance. And how do you do that? Take another deep breath and imagine yourself having more that enough, imagine yourself living an abundant life. So what does it mean for you to live an abundant life? Allow yourself to go there fully in your imagination. Now you must be in the picture, not just observing it. You are in it and everything you look at, you see from that inner knowing that you are abundant and wealthy already. You being in the picture is what grounds it and eventually brings it into the reality. Your feelings will tell you what you are really doing energetically. When you truly enter the inner state of abundance, you feel elevated, content, free, grounded and excited about the many choices you have. Now, as you go through your day gently notice from which inner state you perceive the world around you. And if you’ve already slipped back into “not-enough”, don’t judge yourself and just simply come back. Once the inner state of abundance feels like your home and an easy place to be, you’ve truly arrived. Now let the magic begin…

I am looking forward to meditating with you.

Lots of love and Angels blessings,

Jana x x

Prosperity & Abundance is the theme for the meditation  on Fri 25th at 10 am in the beautiful Lewes Grange Gardens on Sat 26th at 11.30 am at Tree of Life Centre in Brighton & Hove and on Wed 30th at 7 pm at Intrinsic Health in Lewes.

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