Your Innate Worthiness

I believe that owning our worthiness is the act of acknowledging that we are sacred.” Brene Brown
Dear Ones,
I think one of the most wonderful gifts you can give yourself is to truly own your innate worthiness. By “innate” I mean you don’t have to prove your value through any action or “virtue”, you only need to get in touch with something which is already there, which is already within. That is – you are sacred and your pure existence in this time and space has an immense value. You might have been taught to do it the other way round, to prove your worthiness first, through “being good” and then allow yourself to feel worthy. But that path will never lead you to any true understanding of your value. As if your sense of self-worth is based on approval of others, you are in trouble 🙂 If you try to please those around you so that you get that kind of “positive feedback”, you are agreeing with a very conditional love. The feedback from others is only valuable to the extent that it mirrors what you do within yourself. But that’s all. It doesn’t say anything about your value. Nothing and no one can diminish your value. It’s unchangeable, indestructible, an inherent part of your core being. So embrace it, live it, celebrate it! Source and Angels are already doing exactly that, and it’s time for you to join the party! Jana x x
Your Innate Worthiness is the theme for the meditation  on Sat 23d Sept at 11.30 am at Tree of Life Centre in Brighton & Hove and on Wed 27 Sept at 7 pm at Intrinsic Health in Lewes.

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