Own Your Power

“The more you connect to the Power within, the more you can be free in all areas of your life. Louise Hay”

Dear Ones,
today I invite you to look at the world around as not separate and outside of yourself. You are the dreamer dreaming and constantly giving birth to everything. How are your dreams, dear One? Are they happy or did you get caught in the drama of your thoughts and now creating nightmares? Wake up and acknowledge the power behind every experience – your own consciousness. Don’t discard anything around you, as Neville Goddard put so simply and yet so eloquently: everything and everyone is yourself pushed out. So the world around you is the mirror you are looking at. When you realise that, you truly wake up from the dream and start owning your power. Consciously. That’s the keyword. Another is ease. There is no need to change everything overnight. Be gentle with yourself as you reclaim your power, step by step, day by day. Go with the flow and don’t get caught up in the illusion of perfectionism. You are awake. That what matters. Appreciate yourself, knowing that even the slightest change in your perspective, in your leaning consistently towards a better feeling thought is leading you towards your desired destination. Remember. You are powerful. You are a creator.  Jana x x
Own Your Power is the theme for the meditation on Sat 30th Sept at 11.30 am at Tree of Life Centre in Brighton & Hove and on Wed 4 October at 7 pm at Intrinsic Health in Lewes.

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