“Why do you stay in prison, when the door is so wide open?” Rumi
Dear Ones,
if you feel that you are trapped by any condition, it is an illusion. It is not true. You might have created a very real manifestation that makes you feel like that. But that’s all. Nothing and no one can come into your life and limit your freedom without your conscious or unconscious invitation. In the moment you realise the illusionary nature of all your outside limitations, you are already coming back to your power. You are coming back to your inner freedom. With Rumi’s words, you realise the door is open and most importantly that it has been open all along…So wherever you are, whatever you are doing right now, take few moments and connect to your innate freedom. Take few deep breaths, feel your free heart and affirm: I am free. Freedom is your very own essence, so it won’t take long for your soul to respond with deep knowing that what you affirm is true. Now, when you see the door is wide open, where would you go and what would you do? Before you can truly live freely, you have to allow yourself experience this complete freedom in your mind. So imagine…Imagine, that you go where you want to go. Imagine, that you do what you want to do. And know, that the landscape of your mind is the first reality, the second more tangible and visible reality always follows, but only reflecting the first one. The door is open. You are free!
I am looking forward to meditating with you.
Lots of love and Angels blessings,
Jana x x

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